Ivan Ramen

You’ve seen it on Chef’s Table, and if you haven’t, you probably should have. Ivan Ramen is one the better ramen options in the entire city (which is saying something). Located on the Lower East Side, the tiny spot feels like you’ve ducked into a little noodle bar in Tokyo, or so I can imagine. Everything about this experience is positive: the edgy but friendly staff, the outdoor heated patio, the ever-changing and interesting beer list, the hot can teas imported from Japan (more on this later!!), and let’s not forget the ramen. I don’t want to definitively say this is the best ramen in all of New York, but it’s certainly close. Oddly enough, I would highly recommend getting the vegetarian ramen. It has an ungodly amount of flavor, all things considered. I will say this is the best vegetarian ramen in the game. Regardless of what you order, however, all the ramen is great — greatly due to the noods (see visual). I’ve never encountered an app on the menu I wouldn’t re-order either. If they ever bring back the squid fried rice, be sure to order it. I think about it constantly. That reminds me. @Ivan — please bring back the squid fried rice. Whether you’re looking to drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, you’re covered. The hot tea is imported from Japan and it’s some of the best green tea I’ve ever had. The tea come in cans and they keep it in a refrigerator-type contraption that keeps the tea hot instead of cold. Super cool. Great beer list that’s constantly rotating and often features more local beers. Also super cool. I would argue, as cool as Ivan Ramen on the whole.

Neighborhood: Lower east side
Price: $$
What to order: Vegetarian ramen, green tea, ask your server what beer they recommend

Link: https://www.ivanramen.com/

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